The Proposal

For 8 years, Stephanie and Richard have been together while sharing amazing moments and adventures.  In August 2017, Rich decided to make it official and propose to his love one.  The idea turned into a Treasure Hunt across the city featuring different locations that are key parts in their relationship history.


At every stops, a video was played to announce the next one. 

The timeline below describes the events of the treasure hunt.

01 - Turtle Hill

The best part of living in San Francisco is that you can always find a park and a hill to enjoy a full view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Park.


02 - Cha Cha Cha

Located on Haight Street, Cha Cha Cha is a very popular cuban restaurant where take out could be a great option if the place is full…


03 - The Heart

Hearts are everywhere in the city, but this one is pretty special, especially when you have your date with you and the first kiss is around the corner…


04 - Torpedo Wharf

Remember that Cha Cha Cha take out we were talking about earlier?  Well, what could be better than just enjoying it on a Pier and eating it just with your fingers!


…and before reaching the end of the path…


03 - The Music Concourse

Where are at The Reveal, the final step in this journey, where hundred of guests are hidden behind the trees, the benches and the stage.   

It is the time now to come forward to the man holding balloons and a heart full of gold…


Coming soon: The Behind the Scenes


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